RBLX Asset Integrity Management Software

CONSUB has entered into an MOU with software provider LifeTech to utilise their RBLX software package within our Asset Integrity Management group.

The RBLX software is a Risk Based Inspection (RBI) & Life Extension Software for Asset Integrity and meets the requirements of API 580, API 581, API 571 and DNV-RP-F116.

RBLX can be applied for

  • Risk Based Inspection – (RBI)
  • Asset Integrity Management- (AIM)
  • Corrosion Risk Assessment- (CRA)
  • Plant Life Extension
  • Remaining Life Assessment

And covers the following types of equipment:

  • Pressure Vessels;
  • Storage Tanks;
  • Heat Exchangers;
  • Piping;
  • Pumps (Case);
  • Compressors (Case);
  • Land-Base Pipelines;
  • Subsea Pipelines;
  • PRDs (PSVs);
  • Structures (under development

If you are interested in discussing our services and the application of this software please contact Reza Shahrivar, Senior Integrity Engineer based in our Aberdeen office (+44 (0) 1224 933636) or Bob Howard, CONSUB’s Integrity Services Team Leader in our Swiss office (+41 41 711 7048).

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