2018 J P Morgan Charity Run

A quartet of CONSUB athletes took an eventful long walk from Clapham Junction to Battersea Park yesterday for the 2018 J P Morgan 5.6km charity run, with Malcolm Blackmore being struck squarely on the back of the head by a bus wing mirror, miming expletives to the smiling driver, and Mark Gaskell crashing into the general public with his poor commuting skills, whilst weaving his way through the streets of London via his Android.

On arrival, the male members of the team were stunned by the shear volume of athletic talent on site, with Gaskell taking 360 degree video’s… Just for the record.

As they jostled to the ‘Blue’ starting location, Blackmore, Gaskell and Hester shielded Bailey’s ‘white’ starter from the eagle eyes of the officials, who were eager to pluck interlopers from the crowd of athletes and relocate them to the obese, white section, some 1,000 yards back, where joggers were still clutching pints and taking selfies.

The CONSUB 4 shuffled nervously towards the start line in the throng of athletes, Bailey Clasping his hands over his 35 minute starting category. Then bang! There was a flurry of activity, as Gaskell and Malcolm took off like two WAGS at a Harrods sale, hungry for a trophy.

Bailey and Hester lumbered up the rear, but all posted respectable times, with Blackmore pipping Gaskell at the post by 1 second, as the two elbowed their way in a sprint for one-up-manship in the last 100 meters, desperate for fame and a banana.

Pints were quaffed at the Pear tree café, followed by a 2 mile march back to Clapham, with Blackmore constantly bleating that ‘we should have turned left a mile ago!’

Well done to all.

 Before / at the start line/ And Just Finished and Shiny!