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Don’t be fooled, the design of a subsea manifold is not straight forward.

CONSUB has Phil Bailey and Frank Nunan, two 30 year plus manifold men and we want to help to get it right. We are offering a free lunch and learn presentation on avoiding the major pitfalls of manifold design to give the next generation of manifold engineers a few worthy words of advice.

It’s true, here in the UK we have been doing it for over 25 years but there are many ways to get it wrong and these can leave you and your client red faced and a lot poorer.

Manifold piping design requires specialised expertise and there are not many proper piping engineers with subsea experience left. In many cases contractors assign a pipeline or a structural engineer to look after the manifold piping. Bad piping design and specification can lead to an oversized and difficult to fabricate structure and at worst can lead to locked in stresses, erosion, vibration and fatigue issues.

Manifold valves are another issue – Operators are typically relying on the EPIC contractor to specify the correct valves. Over specification results in additional costs and under specification can result in operational problems further down the life of the structure.

If you would like to get a lunch and learn session arranged for your team please contact us on 0208 9414236  and ask for Phil Bailey.