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CONSUB is investigating the potential reuse of the Kinsale Gas Field platforms as a production and export hub for marine renewable energy.

CONSUB proactively identified and proposed the re-utilisation of the platforms as a potential means to continue to utilise an asset and to defer the cost and environmental impact of the decommissioning operation, an idea that was very positively received by both Kinsale Energy PSE (KE)and the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).

The study represents the first steps in the assessment of the potential re use of offshore oil and gas facilities in water depths of circa 100m and seeks to demonstrate that this is a viable alternative to the decommissioning and removal of the asset.

CONSUB is supported by MaREI (Ireland’s Centre for Marine and Renewable Energy) who are performing the modelling of marine renewable energy units. The study is being funded by a combination of KE and the SEAI.