Gas Transmission Pipelines

Onshore Facilities Repair Strategy

Nord Stream Project Overview

Nord Stream operations group engaged CONSUB to provide engineering services on the onshore facilities at landfall Russia and landfall Germany.

The onshore facilities are located near Vyborg in Russia (LFFR) and Lubmin in Germany (LFFG) and feed two 1,224km long offshore 48-inch pipelines transporting 55BCM of gas per year from Russia to Germany. The facilities have been in operation since 2011.

Scope of Services

As part of these services, CONSUB have developed the onshore repair strategy for Nord Stream operations to ensure they are adequately prepared for eventualities that lie outside their planned maintenance activities associated with the onshore facilities of the system. Elements making up the repair strategy are given in Figure 1.


Figure 1: Elements Inputting into the Onshore Repair Strategy

The first stage of developing the repair strategy was to carry out an assessment of potential damage and equipment failure with the corresponding consequence for repair. This identifed system parts which were critical to gas transportation and allowed the subsequent development of the repair strategy to focus on these. The second stage was to detail the most appropriate repair scenarios to match potential damage of these critical system parts and ensure the most suitable readiness was implemented.

CONSUB was responsible for:

  • Developing necessary measures that economically mitigate downtime of the system;
  • Develop spares and materials strategy to reinforce existing spares philosophies;
  • Develop generic repair methods for critical system parts;
  • Identify aspects of the generic repair methodologies that may require further development, including recommendations for:
  • Additional supplier agreements;
  • Additional contractor agreements;
  • Transportation and importation;
  • Development of repair methods;
  • Operational procedures;
  • Preparation of compliance documents;


Figure 2: Nord Stream Russia Landfall

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