Gas Transmission Pipelines

Nord Stream2 operations group engaged CONSUB to provide Integrity Management Services for the development of integrity and operations systems for the offshore pipelines and onshore facilities at landfall Russia and landfall Germany.

CONSUB provides integrity engineers with discipline engineering support covering pipelines, mechanical, automations, civil and process based in our Switzerland, London and Aberdeen offices.

These services involve the development and implementation of the pipeline integrity management system (PIMS), this includes the

  • Identification of safety critical elements,
  • Development of performance standards,
  • Development of maintenance strategies,
  • Development of plans and procedures
  • Evaluation and selection of potential vendors for the supply of software’s for the management of maintenance and inspection data from the offshore pipelines and onshore facilities.
  • Development of availability studies and the identification of availability critical elements.

The scope of services included in this is summarised below:

  • Project Management of budget, DCC, planning and scopes for integrity and discipline support engineering
  • Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS) and maintenance strategies
  • Safety Critical Elements are identified, performance standards and maintenance plans are developed
  • Availability Critical Elements are identified from availability study
  • Key Performance Indicators are based on safety and availability critical elements
  • Deviations Control Procedure is developed for the assessment of criticality, planning and approval of deviations
  • Integrity Assessment Procedure for review and assessment of maintenance and inspection results
  • Development of Condition Monitoring activities and processes for valves and equipment
  • Development of Warehousing Strategy and liaison with repair strategy owners
  • Selection and evaluation of potential suppliers of Pipeline Inspection Software
  • Selection and evaluation of potential suppliers of CMMS Inspection Software

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