Gas Transmission Pipelines

Integrity Management

Nord Stream Project Overview

Nord Stream operations group engaged CONSUB to provide engineering services for the onshore facilities at landfall Russia and landfall Germany.

The onshore facilities are located near Vyborg in Russia (LFFR) and Lubmin in Germany (LFFG) and feed two 1,224km long offshore 48-inch pipelines transporting 55BCM of gas per year from Russia to Germany. The facilities have been in operation since 2011.

Scope of Services

Nord Stream Operations Group engage CONSUB to perform their Annual Integrity Assessment of the dry section of the pipeline at the Russian and German Landfalls, including piping, pig launchers and receivers, valves and associated equipment

This scope includes:

  • Development of criteria for the Integrity Assessment;
  • Review of process data, maintenance and Inspection results;
  • Assessment of any operations, maintenance or inspection anomalies found;
  • Carrying out of the Integrity Assessment;
  • Conducting a Peer review with the Client;
  • Issuing the final Integrity Assessment Report.

As part of the Integrity scope, CONSUB developed a method and criteria for assessing Deviations in compliance with Nord Stream’s Maintenance Requirements.

This scope included:

  • The development of Deviations Assessment Criteria;
  • Development of a Deviations Control Procedure;
  • A review of planned maintenance against Nord Stream’s maintenance requirements;
  • The development of a list of Deviations for 2016;
  • Recommendations for revised maintenance plans by risk review.

CONSUB have completed Integrity Assessments for the years of 2014, 2015 and 2016 and the Deviations scope for 2016. Work on the 2017 assessment is ongoing.

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