Russian Code Compliance & Certification


Certificates are required for the importation of equipment into the territory of the Russian Federation and Customs Union (Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus).

Equipment and works need to be certified as compliant with the following main regulations and standards (note the list is not exhaustive):

  • Federal Law N 184-FL – Technical Regulations
  • Federal Law N 116-FL – Industrial Safety of Hazardous Production Facilities
  • Requirements of Custom Union (CU TR)
  • Russian Technical Regulations (TR Code)
  • National Russian Standards (National System GOST R) for products in respect of which technical regulations have not been developed or have not yet entered into force.

To support Code Compliance Certification Interface with the Technical Authority inside the Russian Federation, CONSUB utilises partners inside the Russian Federation and experienced technical specialists in the UK to manage and provide assistance to the Clients for all necessary activities.

In this way, Clients avoid the language, cultural and administrative issues that would arise if dealing directly with the various Certifying and Technical Authorities.

CONSUB Services

CONSUB provides guidance and support in relation to Russian Certification & Compliance.

CONSUB selects a company or companies in Russia to perform the required certification activities.

CONSUB manages the Russian companies which have been selected for Russian certification activities.

CONSUB provides assistance with preparation and submission of the required documents.

CONSUB liaises with Russian authorities.

CONSUB prepares a final package of deliverables for the Client.

Activity Steps

Step 1 – Client advises their scope of work and provides a technical description, data sheets and specifications, etc.

Step 2 – CONSUB evaluates the requirements (import certificate/operational permits, etc.) in accordance with the current Russian regulations taking into consideration the nature of the equipment or work.

Step 3 – On contract award, CONSUB will appoint a Project Manager who will submit a project execution plan to the Client and will manage project from start to finish. He will also deal with Russian technical authority on behalf of the Client, leading project alongside Client project manager to the successful completion.

Both Client-based and statutory-based requirements will be taken into account. Clients will have direct access to the Russian market with CONSUB facilitating technical compliance and conformity assurance on their behalf.


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