Valves Specialist Services

Fault Investigation and Root Cause Analysis – Project Overview

The YANBU II Power and Water Project Marine Facilities on the Red Sea coast represents the latest in a number of large pumping stations designed to support the local industries. Large quantities of cooling water are required within Saudi Arabia for both the domestic and industrial purposes. Therefore, high reliability of the pumping system is extremely important to all involved.

Very Large (2.3m OD) Motor Operated Valves (MOVs) and Combined Check Valves (CCVs) are installed in the pump discharge pipes, and are connected to the cooling Water headers No 1, 2 & 3 of Yanbu II Power and Water Plant. During the commissioning and testing of the Marine Facilities Plant, defects were observed on the MOVs and on the CCVs.

Scope of Services

CONSUB was requested to provide valve technical specialist support and to perform a Root Cause Analysis  (RCA) on the issue.

The work for this included:

  • Technical Review of Issues
  • Site Visit to Yanbu to:
    • Assess the situation
    • Interview onsite personnel from both EPC Contractor and Operator
    • Provision of specialist personnel
    • Review Documents and Design
  • Produce Survey Report for input into RCA
  • Make requisitions for data and record request status
  • Develop the RCA using Taproot software
  • Provide recommendations for resolution of the issues identified
  • Produce a full RCA report


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