Valves Specialist Services

CONSUB holds specialist expertise in the field of valves and offer our services in a unique and flexible way.

We recognize that there are many situations on projects or within an operations environment where there is a need for valve expertise but not necessarily on a full-time basis. Notwithstanding this the client does look for continuity of resource so that the intent is carried through even if there is significant time between involvements.

CONSUB provides access to a Technical Authority on valves on an ad hoc basis without any retention or financial commitment. If there is no requirement then there are no charges. For these services, we use long term members of staff to ensure the continuity of the resource. They are highly experienced in their area and can plan their work and interaction with client and 3rd party contractors to ensure appropriate coverage is provided. We agree reporting lines and periods with our clients to ensure transparency.

Within the team, we hold extensive valve and actuator experience for both subsea and onshore valves of all types and sizes. We can support our clients for specification and procurement of new valves as well as maintenance planning, condition monitoring and problem solving on valves already in operation.

Our delivery minded approach and attention to detail ensures the valves are correctly specified for the client’s application and avoids expensive and unnecessary over or under specification. Additionally, due to the experience of working in the Valve and Actuator sector, our engineers are able to draw on the additional benefits of the new innovations being brought to the market to help improve functionality, performance and cost.

The CONSUB valve team is supported by our multi discipline team of engineers including materials, welding, manifold, pipeline and pigging specialists. Any wider issues raised by the supplier or the client are addressed professionally and in a timely fashion by our team.

Our Services in this area are summarized below:

Projects – Conceptual, FEED and Execution Phases 

  • Definition of functional requirements & selection of valve types
  • Selection / Prequalification of appropriate Suppliers
  • Development of Valve Assembly Technical Specifications
  • Scheduling and Cost Estimates
  • Development of ITT documentation
  • Technical and Commercial Evaluations of tenders
  • Package management of valve suppliers during manufacturing and FAT
  • Engineering and QA Attendance at valve suppliers for key activities 


  • Maintenance planning
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Trouble shooting
  • Root Cause analysis
  • Management of intervention & repair operations

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