July 27, 2017

Project Management Services

CONSUB provides a blend of project management and technical experience within their team.

Many of our senior technical staff have worked on the client side within integrated project management teams and understand the requirements for clarity in the tender documentation and the importance of monitoring the contractor and for appropriate decision making during the execution of a project.

Our Project Management services include:

  • Assessing and recommending the best contracting strategy for a development or package of work
  • Development of technical and commercial tendering documentation for large turnkey projects as well as smaller packages of work
  • Technical Evaluation of received tenders
  • Provision of project and package management teams to work within the clients overall PMT
  • Oversight of 3rd party engineering contractors, equipment manufacturers and installation contractors
  • Construction Management services overseeing on construction sites and fabrication yards
  • Provision of specialist technical support to overcome specific problems