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Our Offering

Our specialist engineers have a wealth of decommissioning experience that we provide to clients. We also work alongside specialist collaborators in this space, including environmental groups and vessel providers.

Late Life Asset Support

CONSUB currently supports clients with late life management of their assets in the areas of integrity assessment (e.g., pipelines and facilities) and life extension, wax prediction and management, cleaning, and pigging/wax disposal evaluations.

Concept Selection

We provide technical, environmental and economic evaluation of competing decommissioning options, in addition to developing supporting EIA and related deliverables of the selected concept.


We offer regulatory support to our clients in the execution of DECOM programmes. Typically, this may include creation of DEPCONs and submission support via NSTA portal, creation of pipeline permit data and submission support to OPRED, liaison and support to SFF, and returns to authorities post execution of work.


We provide technical input into the creation of proximity agreements to support  client commercial teams.

Tendering Support

We support SOWs in the RFI and RFQ process in collaboration with client supply chain management, and subsequent support in the tender evaluation process (both technical and commercial) and recommendation to award.

Decommissioning Management

We manage contractors during engineering and execution, procedure review, support to HIRAs, overall readiness reviews, marine assurance and vessel representation.

Waste Management

We identify suitably qualified and registered waste providers, SOWs, and tender and award support. Additionally, we provide liaison support with SEPA (NORM) as required, management of waste contractor, and provide assurance that their procedures and executions are compliant with environmental and regulatory requirements.

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Other Projects

Our Offering

CONSUB is a leading provider of engineering and project management services to the renewables sector. We offer a comprehensive range of services throughout all stages of a development, from supporting developers in the early stages of a project, to providing long-term operational support.


CONSUB developed a proprietary model using the Python programming language to screen various options for a P2X system to produce green hydrogen and liquid ammonia.

Offshore Green Hydrogen

CONSUB undertook a study on how to achieve the UK Government’s ambition to install 5 GW of electrolytic (green) hydrogen production capacity by 2030.