Valve Management

CONSUB is an independent project management and engineering services group.


Our Centre of Excellence for Valves consolidates decades of specialist valve experience to provide three main services: 

  • Valve package management services 
  • Valve condition monitoring services 
  • Valve release services 

Valve package management services

We provide extensive experience in specification, procurement and delivery of valves to fulfil projects. 

This service ensures that valves are delivered on time, to budget and in accordance with project design, quality and HSSE requirements. 

Valve condition monitoring services 

We collect and analyse real-time valve data to inform our clients of any issues and any recommended maintenance. 

This service prevents operational valve downtime, and enables significant cost savings across the valve’s lifetime. 

Valve release services 

We provide a rapid-response service to stuck valves on both onshore and offshore platforms. 

Using this service prevents: loss of production; facility shutdown, and can result in potential multi-million-pound savings.

The following are world-class projects where our valve services have played a major role: 

Heerema Marine – Total’s Kaombo Project 

Specialist personnel deployed to provide technical authority and training for over 360 subsea valves. Specialist solutions were provided resulting in 300 fewer valves being required to achieve the same functionality. 

Nord Steam 

Our bespoke software was utilised to efficiently handle and process the significant volumes of valve data at the Nord Stream terminals. Valve issues were identified and the risk of unexpected facility shutdowns was mitigated. 

Repsol Sinopec’s Alpha Bravo Platform 

Our rapid-response valve release tool was mobilised to the Alpha Bravo within 72 hours to release a stuck valve. This service prevented a platform shutdown and saved an estimated £24 million. 

Our clients choose us because of our ability to reliably deliver projects on time, efficiently and on budget.

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